Soil Erosion – Meaning, use of soil, soil erosion, prevention of soil erosion, deforestation, over gazing, soil conservation

Soil - Meaning, useful of soil, soil erosion, prevention of soil erosion, deforestation, over gazing, soil conservation
Soil - Meaning, useful of soil, soil erosion, prevention of soil erosion, deforestation, over gazing, soil conservation

What is soil ?

The topper most layer on the surface of the land is called soil
The soil around us contain sand, clay, remains of plant sand animals, air, microorganism and some amount of water. In the beginning there was no soil on the earth. The soil that you see around has taken thousands of years to form. Learn More About Soil Erosion….


All kinds of land plant s grow in soil.Soilprovidessupport and nutrient to the plants.Soil which contain good amount of plant nutrients is also known as fertile soil.Plants also grow well in fertile soil.plants and animals depend on on soil so it is valueable.
Some animals eat only plants,while some such as tigers and lions eat animals that feed on plant.Animals too depend on soil.In in the absence of soil,there will will be no plants,and the animals will not have any food to eat.
Soil is the home of many animals.Many kind of microrganisms,insects and earthworm live in the soil.Some are mice,foxes,rabbits and snakes live in underground burrows.
Soil is valuable because it contains plant nutrients.Microrganism,insets and earthworms that live in the soil feed on remains of plants and animals and change these into plant nutrients.Thhese plant nutrients mix with the soil and make it fertile.

What is soil erosion?

The topermost layer is the soil contains plant nutrients.It is a fertile layer which is essential for the growth of plant.Any processes that damage or remove the topsoil from a region causes soil erosion.Soil erosion makes soil less fertile.Strong winds and flowing rainwater are the two natural factor that causes soil erosion.

What prevents soil erosion?

you must have notice that a barren piece of land gets covered with wide variety of plants.These plants have an important role in nature.The roots firmly hold soil particles and prevent them from being carried away by the wind and flowing water.
When plants are grown in large numbers,they reproduce the force of wind and flowing water and prevent soil from being shifted.Human activities such as deforestation an overgazing lead to soil erosion.Roots of plants hold soil particles and prevent them from being carried away by wind and water.


Destruction of a forest is known as deforestation.Excccccessive cuting of trees in a forest damages the forest.It leads to soil erosion.When large stretches of forest land are cleared for growing crops,raising livestock or building industries,the soil is exposed to natural factors.Devoid of the natural vegetation,the soil in these areas gets eroded by wind and flowing water.


Overgazing by cattle leads to the destruction of plants.Once the natural cover of plants is lost,the land becomes exposed to wind and flowing water,lead in to soil erosion.


Prevention of soil erosion is called soil conservation.To check soil erosion,barren land should be covered with a variety of plants.The roots of the plants firmly bind the soil particles and prevent loss of fertile soil due to the force of wind or flowing water.
Some other effective methods of preventing soil erosion.


In the hilly region,crops are cultivated on the slopes of hills.If a slope is cleared for farming,the rain water would flow downwards with a greater force and wash away most of the soil.Such a land would not be suitable for farming.
IN hilly regions,farmer convert hills into steps to grow crops.Such farms is known as terrace farming.

Advantages of terrace farming:

*It reduces the force of rainwater and prevents soil froom being washed away.
*Rainwater fills up each step and the plants are able to absorb water.


During the rainy season rivers overflow and the fertile topsoil of the farm lands on the river banks gets washed away.To protect the soil near river banks,bunds are built along the river banks.The bunds work as barries and prevent river water from flowing with force into lands adjacent to river banks.


Soon after a crop is harvested,the next crop is not immediately sown.There is period when the farm does not have any crop.During this period,the farm land lies exposed to sunligjht and heat.The dry soil can then be easily blown away by the wind.To reduce the adverse effects of strong winds during the dry season,it is covered by growing grass until the new crop is shown.Such a crop which is mainly grown to prevent soil erosion is called cover crop.A cover crop is used as cattle feed.


The open farmland remains exposed to the force of wind and flowing water.The adverse effect of wind on the open farmland can be reduced by growing trees,shurbs and grass on the boundaries of a farm.Such barries of plant meant to reduce the force of wind and water is known as shelter belts.
In some places,due to scarcity of water,it is dificult to grow shelter belts of plants around farms.At such place barries are created by building fences of stones.Plants act as barries and reduce the force of wind and flowing water.

What does soil contain?

Soil scientists classify soils based on the mineral particles and organic matter they contain. The soil provides plants with oxygen, water, and nutrients. Soil properties assist us in determining how to use the soil.

What soil is made up of?

Soil is a thin layer of material that forms on the earth’s surface as a result of the weathering of rocks. It is primarily composed of mineral particles, organic materials, air, water, and living organisms, all of which interact slowly but continuously.

Explain how soil is important for animals?

Every animal on the planet requires soil to survive. It plays an important role in providing animals with food, water, air, and habitat. One of the most important reasons animals rely on soil is that it allows food to grow. Herbivores, omnivores, and even carnivores rely heavily on plants for food!

What are the function of soil in global ecosystem?

Soils perform five key functions in the global ecosystem. Soil serves as a:

1.plant growth medium
2.a water supply regulator 3.raw material recycler
4.medium for landscaping and engineering
5.soil organisms’ habitat


Soil: the topermost layer of land;it is made up of mainly oof sand,clay,remains of plants and animals,microrganisms and air.

Microrganism: extreamly small living thing which cannot be seen without the help of a microscope.

Deforestation: the process of clearing a forest of its vegetation.

Bund: barricade constructed on land mostly on land obstract the flow of water.

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